InterMoor has developed MoorVision, a unique software system that can provide a visual understanding of the infrastructure within any defined area in the Gulf of Mexico by accessing the publicly available data from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

MoorVision enables a collaborative approach to risk assessment with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to:

  • Query BOEM's infrastructure database;
  • Collect & compile infrastructure data - including pipelines, platforms, wells and production/flowrate data within a 15-mile radius of your location;
  • View the data in Google Earth.

Log in to view custom locations. It's free - InterMoor does not charge for this web service.

The window below is an interactive example of MoorVision. Feel free to explore:

  • Click anywhere in the example window to make it active.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in & out. Click and drag to move the viewing area.
  • Click on individual pipelines, wells or platforms to view detailed information on them.
  • Click on the radius circles to show the total amount of oil & gas flowing within each circle.
  • The prices of oil & gas will reflect real-time market prices when you input your specific location.